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Start Date: July 18, 2022

The Team believes in business-led solutions, providing a high-impact, team-based approach with personalized consulting services to validate sustainability with the ability to scale. The value-based offers a total package of resources, delivering high-performance initiatives, establishing the client’s self-confidence, and driving superior results with the ability to manage multiple priorities to assure rapid progress. The Team inspires outcomes by identifying risks, asking the right questions, and taking consistent action.

We offer a historical perspective with a proven track record that nourishes future business development. The Team is highly flexible and adaptable to various business situations while implementing cohesive experiences to solve critical problems local businesses face. The result creates value, promotes growth, maximizes efficiency, improves productivity, and increases economic activity.

Our impact cultivates and sustains relationships beyond project delivery. We constantly review the possibilities to determine growth opportunities, empower the value proposition, evaluate the business model, and explore contingencies to penetrate new markets.


100% Online Development

Class is all online with live presentations, instructor availability, and furnishes updated and new course material while promoting interaction and self-confidence. 



Receive free mentorship during the course in partnership to increase productivity and better time management.


BONUS Material

Other significant topics are included throughout development.


Develop a Strategic Business Plan

Learn to develop a tailored business plan for your business, implement critical strategy, and become investor ready.


No Book Required

All course materials is included and available to you online


All Topics 

Receive all material and access to all topics for one year.

NOTE: All course updates, added topics, and materials are all included 


Brainstorming New Ideas

Research Your Market

Feasibility Analysis


Business Model Canvas

Price Modeling

Marketing Strategy

Coming Soon



Business Plan & Financial Projections

Investor Fact Sheet

Award-Winning Pitch

Lending Opportunities

Bonus Material

The Legal Entity

Intellectual Property

Go-to-Market Strategy

Fundamentals of Excel


Coming Soon

E-Commerce: Digital Markets and Goods 

Your Instructors/Mentors



Michael Crain, MS MIS, CBA
UT Regents 
Teacher of the Year


Angel Garcia, MBA

Mr. Crain's professional experience includes Nuclear Power, Mechanical Engineering, Senior Manager of Capital Projects, Bridge Design, and Traffic Engineering. His entrepreneurial ownership consists of a high-end construction company, bar and restaurant, and manufacturing facility developing process equipment for cleanroom environments for the semiconductor and aerospace industries. Intel, Motorola, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Kachina, and Boeing were companies that benefited from Michael’s custom process equipment. His most current positions include a University Lecturer, Director of the Entrepreneurial Center, and Executive Director of Strategic Economic and Professional Development at a University level. Currently, he is President/founder of the BAMIZHUB (B²Hub Accelerator Program), Executive Partner of BAM Consulting, and Vice-President/Partner of Caballos Explorations.

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Mr. Garcia is a native West Texan and grew up in the oil patch. His father worked for Conoco as a Sr. Production Foreman, and as a young man, he went to many distant leases checking on units and crews. Angel received an opportunity to frac his first well at the age of 12. His experience enabled him to operate four businesses simultaneously and obtain a Bachelor of Business Administration with an emphasis on Entrepreneurship in 2016. Angel also received his Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused on Entrepreneurship from the University of Texas Permian Basin in 2018. Angel coordinated the 2019 Midland Entrepreneur Challenge to a winning conclusion ushering in several of the area’s most successful startups to date, such as the area’s first brewery and taproom, Tall City Brewing Co.  He continues to assist businesses with their operating, marketing, financial strategies, business plan, website development, social media, digital marketing, content creation, distribution, brand development, and so much more.

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Course Insights

The B²Hub Accelerator Program includes eight essential subjects and bonus topics to materialize a startup, sustain an early-stage, or empower a growth-driven business. The instruction and material, collectively with our mentorship program, advance lean startups while evaluating market problem/solution conditions, product-market fit, demand, and growth opportunities. Participants apply critical thinking practices to solve a problem, create a product/service, describe their target audience’s characteristics, and recognize opposing strategies to establish a competitive edge. 

​The course is 100% online to encourage like-minded collaboration with easy access to our system, curriculum, materials, instructors, and discussion boards while delivering a rich learning environment that encapsulates critical insight and knowledge. The course navigates you through a learning sequence to advance and refine the hypothesis while empowering concept development. B²Hub program delivers live video presentations and accepts online appointments to enhance high-quality interaction and guidance while motivating self-confidence. The course added value focuses on individual strengths, facilitates flexibility, improves communication, and focuses on skills throughout development while boosting proficiency and assertiveness. Course delivery combines years of experience from successful business owners, academic professionals,  numerous resource partners, and many topics fulfilled with factual knowledge to enhance a cognitive process of problem-solving and reasoning. 

Course Information

The Course: 100% online with "live" presentations each week

Course Cost: $849.00

Course length: 21-week Program with the availability of all material/topics for one-year

Class Includes: All necessary materials, videos, with bonus topics

Services: $100.00 off on the below services;

  • LLC, S-crop, C-crop

  • Websites, Multiple Media Distrubution 

  • Patents (excludes Trademarks and Copyrights)

  • In-depth Market Research, Gap research, Product Development


Course Topics

Business Plan and Financial Projections

Develop the objectives to construct a marketing, operational, and financial roadmap that provides the structure

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Research your Market

Advance the hypothesis relevant to solving a market problem - uncover your competitors and acknowledge your target audience. 

check_mark_blue (7).png

Feasibility Analysis

Evaluate the business potential. viability, and practicability while researching financial capabilities relevant to cost, obstacles, and technical challenges.

check_mark_blue (3).png

Business Model Canvas

The essential elements of the value proposition, building an infrastructure, customers, and revenue streams. The purpose is to align operations with strategy, increase control and consistency, and operational efficiencies while developing a competitive advantage.  

check_mark_blue (4).png

Price Modeling

Determine effective pricing strategy, identify pricing advantages relevant to the market, advertisement, and segmentation. Understanding the robust competitive edge and your market rivals. 

check_mark_blue (2).png

Marketing Strategy

Identify critical objectives, align marketing aims, and develop a strategic plan. Methods are applied to grow sales, earn customer trust and the benefits of fine-tuning the strategy to increase ROI. 

check_mark_blue (9).png
check_mark_blue (1).png

Lending Opportunities 

Review the requirements of an investor, necessary applications, various loans types, and methods of creating and maintaining credit to ensure commercial lending. 

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Award-Winning Pitch

To craft a story of perfection underlying the value proposition, exemplifying the business model, and showcasing an impressive pitch deck is to clarify the target audience, competition, versatility of the team, and reinforcing the company brand.  

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Miscellaneous Resources Available

Include in the course: Intellectual Property, Go-to-Market Strategy, and soon Proof-of-Concept, and E-Commerce - Digital Markets and Goods

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