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CWNP Certifications

CWNA offers the following certifications:

  • CWS® - Certified Wireless Specialist

  • CWT® - Certified Wireless Technician

  • CWNE® - Certified Wireless Network Expert

  • CWNT® - Certified Wireless Network Instructor

  • CWDP® - Certified Wireless Design Professional

  • CWSP® - Certified Wireless Security Professional

  • CWAP® - Certified Wireless Analysis Professional

  • CWNA® - Certified Wireless Network Administrator


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CWS: Certified Wireless Specialist Certification

The CWS certification is a vendor-neutral, entry-level WLAN certification that validates candidates' knowledge of wireless sales, marketing, entry-level support, and decision-making related to 802.11 wireless networks.


CWT: Certified Wireless Technician Certification

The CWT-100 certification exam validates candidates' expertise in understanding basic RF hardware and functions, identifying 802.11 features and functions, identifying Wireless LAN hardware and software, and understanding organizational goals.

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