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Executive Board Member

Dorota Anderson, Public Relations


Professional Experience

  • Born in Europe-Poland, she finished at the University of Tourism and history of Art and Languages.

  • Dorota worked with Travel Agency in Eastern Europe as a Travel Director and translator for large groups of travelers.

  • She experienced taking down the Berlin Wall,  which helped her to expended the West side of Europe with clients from different countries.

  • She comes to the USA as a travel consultant and has been working for over 25 years in the industry. She was able to provide her outstanding of customer service and knowledge of the World with extensive accounts like Erickson, PepsiCo, and Neiman Marcus.

  • After corporate travel, Dorota had many accounts who needed her experience which is mostly non-profits in West Texas.

  • Her expertise is mostly with airlines, negotiating contracts with vendors for travel, and multiple events.  She focuses on growing her business and teaching others how to provide outstanding services in creating customer experience. 

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