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Excel Basics
Start Date: November 7

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Excel is in demand at the workplace and is expected to support the core business process. Some benefits include identifying trends, monitoring inventory, cash flow, managing people, operations, performance, and various projects. The program allows users to sort critical data and process it into meaningful categories or essential reports for all sizes of businesses as a universal language to analyze a cell-based interface.


Companies can deploy the program for Human Resource functions, enabling the ability to sort hours, employee profiles, and expenses to evaluate the structure movements compared to resource requirements and cost control. Excel remains the tool of choice from accounting to receptionists, administration departments to human resources, manufacturing to inventory, and students to entrepreneurs for day-to-day developments. 

Excel is not limited to corporations, as small businesses continue using the tool to begin developing and overseeing financial obligations and investments. This course will instruct you throughout, enabling essential guidance, detailed examples, and vital information to advance your knowledge and skills. 

The course focuses on helping participants learn basics using examples, applying videos, and, most importantly, beginner’s tutorials with in class instruction. 


Excel Empowerment

The course foucses on building a fundation of knowledge with critcal elements to maintain develpment using specific assignments. 


Develop the Structure

Understand the grid of columns and rows while interactively entering data and defining the structure.


Developing a Shreadsheet

Using the tool to capture, display, and manipulate data arranged in the grid. 


Commuicate with Reports

Develop, format, and organize financially-related activities displaying formulas and spreadsheet information. 


Course Insights

  • The Course is entirely online, with live presentations each week.

  • Cost: $350.00

  • Course length: 5-week Program

  • Class Includes: All necessary materials and instruction

  • Prerequisite: None

Your Instructors



Michael Crain, MS MIS
UT Regents 
UT Teacher of the Year

Carol Crites Photo_edited.jpg

Carol Crites
Computer Science

Mr. Crain’s professional experience includes Nuclear Power, Mechanical Engineering, Senior Manager of Capital Projects, Bridge Design, and Traffic Engineering. His entrepreneurial ownership consists of a high-end construction company, bar and restaurant, and manufacturing facility developing process equipment for cleanroom environments for the semiconductor and aerospace industries. Intel, Motorola, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Kachina, and Boeing were companies that benefited from Michael’s custom process equipment. His current positions include a University Lecturer, Director of the Entrepreneurial Center, and Executive Director of Strategic Economic and Professional Development at a University level. Currently, he is President/Founder of the BAMIZHUB (B²Hub Accelerator Program), Executive Partner to BAM Consulting, and Vice-President/Partner of Caballos Explorations.

Carol Crites graduated from Midland College in 2017 with an Associate in Computer Science, a Database Management Certificate, and a Programming Certificate. Carol currently works as the Store Secretary of Midland Dillard's. She started with the company in 2016 as a Customer Service Associate and was quickly recognized for her organizational skills and attention to detail. Her penchant for organizing data aids her in her daily duties. In 2018, she created a spreadsheet to track new hires that incorporated an auto-sorting script and database-style queries which management still uses to this day.

Her knowledge of computers, printers, and other technologies have saved many family members, friends, and coworkers from the frustrations of calling tech support. She enjoys teaching others troubleshooting techniques so they can become more self-reliant. As the saying goes, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." In her spare time, she teaches herself web development and graphic design. She also likes to bake and loves giving treats to family and friends.

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