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The Future of the Digital Workplace

Introduction into TASkcubes

The most significant opportunity to adopt an innovation aimed to accelerate growth and strategically drive startups, early-stage, and growth-driven businesses through a unique path that includes various industries, academic partners, and diverse investors on a highly collaborative platform. Many professionals need access to a workplace with rapid connections to discover mentors, resources, and partnerships when managing complex issues. During development, many will continuously focus on solutions mandating systematic and methodical options that fuel modernization.

Integrated Open Collaborative Platform

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Our developed platform facilitates a synchronous collaboration platform to empower more immediate and sufficient outcomes fostering multidisciplinary interactions and innovative methods of working. It supports organizations, teams, and individuals to accelerate problem-solving, upskilling, shared learning, collaborative decision-making, and continuous innovation. The infrastructure integrates several technologies into a preconfigured data science environment. It’s designed to boost the cross-pollination of concepts to enrich innovative opportunities. The multiple platforms promote a scalable, holistic collaboration experience across teams when developing the hypotheses and externally with multi-party, multi-company, and cross-industry engagements.

The Platform Design and Structure

The assortment of powerful built-in tools addresses entrepreneurs, academia, technology, and diverse industries to embrace and scale digital-driving teams and organizations to cultivate, seed, and mature rapidly with an emphasis on delivering impactful developments. Inherently, there remains a growing demand to accelerate solutions by leveraging the exchange of knowledge from other disciplines, academia, and industry verticals. The methodology includes a fully integrated “Open Projects and Sharing” functionality with Bichronous Collaboration tools, which are easily and equally accessible to all participants. 

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The Development; 


  • Empowers participants to solve complex business problems collaboratively.

  • Enable cross-industry collaborations that accelerate solution-making by cross-pollinating ideas and inventions across teams and organizations.

Empowering Open Project Collaborations

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The Open Project functionality stimulates participants to create, share and manage end-to-end projects. In addition, participants can create two types of projects befitting their requirements for problem-solving while adapting to the entrepreneurial hypotheses, organization’s regulations, governance, and management criteria leveraging the openness of digital levels and substrates.


For instance;

1. Project: for collaborative multidisciplinary solution making.

2. Challenges: community-led crowdsourcing innovations. 

The structure seamlessly integrates with considerable on-demand and structured complementary tools, including an enriched learning framework, asynchronous discussion forums, networking, personal and public knowledge bases, and a real-time zone for meetings and social interactions. These features empower the entrepreneur and project owners when building professional communities of practice and delivery that enhance team skillsets. Such a development disseminates a sharable knowledge base to expedite brainstorming abilities while building immediate problem-solving proficiencies. The Open Projects framework is one of many Platform engagement frameworks.

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