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BAM Consulting 

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BAM Consulting provides the essential expertise to achieve specific outcomes associated with both startups and expanding businesses. We focus on advancing innovative products/services, developing effective processes, advancing market position while conveying critical strategies. To support development, we offer mentorship programs and education to empower business performance.

The team believes in business-led solutions, providing a high-impact, team-based approach with personalized consulting services to validate sustainability with the ability to scale. The value-based offers a total package of resources, delivering high-performance initiatives, establishing the client’s self-confidence, and drive superior results with the ability to manage multiple priorities to assure rapid progress. The team inspires outcomes by identifying risk, asking the right questions, and taking consistent action.

BAM Consulting Resources

Offer a historical perspective with a proven track record that nourishes future business development. The team is highly flexible and adaptable to various business situations while implementing cohesive experiences to solve critical problems faced by local businesses. The result creates value, promotes growth, maximizes efficiency, improving productivity, and increases economic activity.

Our impact cultivates and sustains relationships beyond project delivery. We are constantly reviewing the possibilities to determine growth opportunities, empowering the value proposition, evaluating market opportunities, and exploring contingencies to penetrate new markets.

BAM Consulting Services

Provided services protect the startup, early-stage, or growth-driven business and ultimately defines the rights and obligations associated with the market and the responsibilities of the business to meet governmental requirements.

Company Formation
Provided services protect the startup, early-stage, or growth-driven business while ultimately defining the rights and obligations collectively with responsibilities relevant to governmental provisions. The diverse knowledge and operational backgrounds present the necessary insight into creating the operating entity, establishing trust while documenting rules, roles, and responsibilities that form the organizational structure. The outcome includes acknowledging the best choice to negotiate control, develop a board, or evaluate tax advantages to make decisive decisions that guide the company. 

Research the Market
Research is always at the forefront of development and capable of identifying the target market, competitors while uncovering market gaps, establishing the characteristics of the market and the end-user relevant to purchasing behaviors. The in-depth discovery of critical information determines the applied marketing methods to attract new customers and acknowledging competitors both direct and indirect to begin the process of strategically mapping a successful launch, penetrating new markets, creating a niche, or disrupting the market. Such research improves product development, implementing services while increasing market-fit, determining size-of-market, and developing the value proposition signifying the "right" solution.  

Strategic Business Plans
While traditional business plans can describe the business structure and explain the financial goals, BAM includes the business model relevant to creating revenue streams, generating customers, market to sales, and maintaining customer retention. Apart from the traditional, the focus is growth, financial investment from angel investors or capital firms, and need venture capital from our resource partners. The provided plan consists of all the required functional, requisite information. It needs to be visually appealing, creating the interaction and interest of the reader relevant to a clear, cohesive, and attractive concept. 

Market Strategies and Developments
BAM acquires essential market information to explore growth by diversifying the brand message across multiple marketing channels to build brand equity while advancing and encouraging a distinct distribution channel. The perspective includes digitization across the marketing landscape to drive products or services beyond the various digital platforms to reach target audiences and drive revenue. The marketing mix is developed to pursue particular objectives in conjunction with a focus on modern customer characteristics. The strategy includes websites, building phone applications, geofencing, ad placement, and other considerations include radio and TV. 

Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights
Acknowledging the importance of securing Intellectual Property, an asset to the company, BAM provides a patent strategy to develop and deploy, collectively evaluating patentable technologies and procurement. Research plays a significant role relevant to deployment associated with a competitive analysis, licensing, and litigation of patents. The process typically includes assisting with preparation, filing, and the patent application. 

Accounting Department for Startups
At BAM Consulting, we know that accounting can be overwhelming and require detailed bookkeeping while enabling the enlistment of a CPA to secure sustainability. It becomes necessary for each of our startups to provide the essential means to generate financial estimates to banks, investors, or lenders to achieve critical funding and make payments. The personal service includes economic forecasting, the projected rate of growth, and monitoring expenditures, paying bills, developing payroll (including the government), and rendering financial reports (P&L, Balance Sheet, and budgets) while implementing financial controls. We also teach Quickbooks to improve business performance and increase efficiency. 

Multiple Resources
BAM deploys multiple resources as an incentive for startups, early-stage, and growth-driven businesses to improve success rates, cost, and value while remaining strategically competitive. The ability of multiple sourcing provides, more commonly referred to as outsourcing, to justify effective methodology from various experiences and successes while encouraging self-confidence and independent learning from online opportunities. 

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